Cannabidiol Oil (CBD) 4% – (10ml)


  • Each bottle of this oil contains 400mg (4%) of CBD oil.
  • Sativida brings this presentation designed for those who are looking for a natural, organic alternative, free of pesticides and herbicides that help them ensure their well-being.
  • Made from hemp with Bio certifications by the European Union, and under the strictest quality controls, always taking into account the conservation of nature within each step of the process.
  • Studies on CBD report that it is one of the components with the highest anti-inflammatory properties of nature, in addition to this, studies gather evidence of its effectiveness in the pediatric management of epilepsy, insomnia, and even anti-psychotic properties have been attributed to it.




¡Each 10ml presentation of this product contains:
• Hemp Seed Oil 10ml (95%);
• Hemp extract 400mg CBD (4%);
• Natural tocopherol 10mg (1%).

Nutritional information

• Estimated Value 100ml
• Energy Value 846 Kcal / 3540 KJ
• Protein –
• Carbs –
• Total Fat 94g
Saturated 10.1g
Polyunsaturated 68.9g
Monosaturated 14.9g
• Fiber –
• Sodium –
• Cannabidiol (CBD) 10g

Hemp Seed Oil, Typical Content

• Omega-3 (Alpha Linolenic Acid) 14-28%
• Omega-6 (Linoleic Acid) 45-65%
• Omega-9 (Oleic Acid) 6-20%

How to Manage CBD Oil

Generally it’s recommended to use 3 – 4 drops every 8 hours orally sublingually. Place the drops under the tongue and wait 60 seconds, then swallow. Close the container tightly.


Store in a cool place without exposure to sunlight. This oil can be refrigerated.


To date, no adverse effect is associated after the use of CBD oils. However, check with your doctor if you have unwanted reactions.

Where does CBD oil come from?

CBD oil is produced with organic hemp plants with Bio certification by the EU, free of pesticides and herbicides.

Legality of CBD Oil

The content of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in this oil is below 0.2%, so it is within the legal limit established in the Spanish territory and within other European countries. This oil does not produce psychotropic effects.


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